Can you imagine if the earth decided to change the pace at which it spins on its axis? Or if it suddenly decided to go the other way? If it stopped spinning around the sun or did so at a random pace? Chaos would ensue.

We’ve built our entire lives on the reliability that the earth turns at an equal pace. Yes, the times change slightly according to the seasons, but we rely on the notion that during the day there is light and at night there is darkness. This adds structure to our time and allows us to be more productive.

It’s no different when it comes to establishing our personal daily routines. The tradition of Dinacharya (daily routine) is one of the most important and powerful Ayurvedic tools for improving overall health and wellbeing. It helps us to stay connected to the rhythms of nature, whilst allowing us to smash our goals, feel happier and be healthier. Here are some of the main benefits associated with a grounded routine:

  • A routine works with your Dosha’s energy peaks

The body and mind follow an internal clock and at different times of the day the Doshas change strength. By tuning into your Dosha, you can set a routine that makes the most of your energy bursts: doing the activities that need the most effort when your Dosha is at its strongest. By adapting your daily routine to these phases, you are keeping your Dosha well balanced, ensuring it works most effectively. To find out your dosha, take our test at the bottom of this page.

  • A routine creates structure and eliminates stress

Structure helps to eliminate stress because we don’t need to decide and map out everything that needs to be done. Each task is addressed at a specific time and for the rest of the day our mind is given the freedom to think and dream. This also fosters creativity.

  • A routine boosts your creativity

A routine increases efficiency and productivity levels because it functions so well. We know when to do what, and the time allocated to complete it, so it had better be done!

  • A routine saves time

Having a daily routine also saves us time, because it eliminates the need to plan and go through a decision-making process every day. We simply know how our day will unfold and we get quickly to doing, instead of wasting precious time planning.

  • A routine reduces the need to exercise willpower

When a set of tasks become a routine, they no longer require strenuous willpower because they form a habit. For example, we brush our teeth in the morning pretty automatically because it has become a natural part of our routine. A routine frees up the brain for the important things.

  • A routine builds self-confidence and satisfaction

Sticking to a routine allows us to feel productive and tick things off our lists, which builds up our self-confidence. This in turn gives us fuel to continue the routine and enjoy the benefits associated with it. 

But most importantly, a routine helps you tune in with your nature cycle as well as with the cycle of your environment. When the energies of the two are in sync, momentum is built, and you end up feeling energised while being productive.